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Banners are at the top of the visual marketing hierarchy when it comes to high-impact, in-your-face brand exposure — you just can’t go wrong with these. But it is no easy feat, making banner design an important step for creating a stimulating and attention grabbing wall banner. Creating  a custom banner for events and businesses in South Africa has been made easy with our online printing process and free nationwide delivery. 

We know that well designed banners should also be durable and weather-resistant, our tie-up banners are ideal for outdoor events and other occasions where you want your brand to be seen. 

Our high quality printing ensures that colours won’t fade over time and your banner can be used over and over again, and will always look great.

Processing: 8 Eyelets, 6 Eyelets, 4 Eyelets, Standard
Size: Custom size, 100x300cm, 150x150cm, 50x150cm, 50x100cm, 100x200cm, 150x200cm
Paper/Material: PVC - Banner